Opportunity Grants

As part of our commitment to the Python community, we are pleased to announce that we offer special grants for people in need of financial aid to attend PyCon Latam. Please follow the instructions below to apply for a grant.


PyCon Latam is a variant of the PyCon conference that aims to bring together python developers from all Latin American countries, serving as a platform for them to interface with the Python community at large.

The grant includes access to the conference, accommodation and meals.

Our grants are open to all people in need of financial aid.

Grant Criteria

We will specifically take into account the following criteria in the selection process:

Please note:

If you find that you cannot attend the conference for some reason, please send an email to grants@pylatam.org informing us, so that we can allocate the room to someone else.


Become a sponsor!

You or your company can support our opportunity grants initiative by becoming a sponsor.

Check the sponsor brochure for more information and contact sponsors@pylatam.org

Thank you.

See you at PyCon Latam in México!